Mayor’s $217M bond proposal, tax increase one of first items to go before new city council

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  • Bob

    Let’s not start the New Year being disingenuous. “Only $22” does not begin to raise enough money to pay $217 million in bond payments. I do note also that in the first stories the mayor was quoted as saying the cost would be, ‘on average’ $22 per year. Now he is quoted as saying “about $22”. The ONLY way to get to anything closely resembling the amount due on the bond would be EVERY house in Carmel paying $22 PER MONTH. So, in the spirit of a fresh start, which is it?

  • John Accetturo

    I wouldn’t believe a single number that comes out of Mayor Brainard’s mouth. Believe what you want Carmel residents.

  • I’d like to see the analysis. Here is an in depth analysis of The Performing Arts Center by the Mayors team.

    Here is the story that accompanied the review and transparency: