Why Wilson, why Thai?

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  • DUG Macomber

    Thank you for Current in Carmel. We enjoy the publication and appreciate your efforts. We particularly like Danielle Wilson’s column. Very funny!

    In an unrelated topic, we did not agree with your new columnist Ann Trimmer. A sampling from her recent article “someone went to the restroom due to gastric distress” and “urine leakage, hemorrhoids the size of toasters, underwear no longer fit to wear…” These were just some of the topics Ms. Trimmer covered. I just had dinner and surely there was a more appropriate topic than diarrhea. Why do you continue to publish this lady’s words? Pull the plug on Ann Trimmer.

  • Carmelite

    Though I rarely bother finishing any Danielle Wison article because of her mundane subjects, my real gripe is that her writing is sub par…surely there are better, more talented writers Current could employ?