Where’s Amy?: Tuxedo Brothers Triathlon

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    Carmel residents and owners of Runners Forum Mike “Smitty” Smith and Tom Bonderant celebrating after the triathlon. Smith was found grilling hotdogs and flipping hamburgers on the grill afterward. The Runners Forum is the premier place in Carmel to buy running shoes and accessories - these two guys were too much fun.
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    The three top winners took time to pose for “Where’s Amy?” minutes after crossing the finish line. Drew Shellenberger of Indianapolis and David Foresee and Mike “Smitty” Smith both of Carmel said they look forward to the friendly but fierce competition at the triathlons. Smith not only participates in the race but also sponsors the event through his store Runners Forum in Carmel.
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    The hip place to hang out during the race was the Endurance House tent. "Where’s Amy?” enjoyed chatting with Mallory Long, Kent King and Matt Mitchell who have locations in Fishers and Zionsville.
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    Got milk?... Chocolate milk that is! I loved talking with Ron “The Milkman” and Jenni Browning, senior director of communications and wellness for the American Dairy Association of Indiana. They donated hundreds of ice cold bottles of chocolate milk for participants and volunteers, the No. 1 race beverage choice because all “Winner’s Drink Milk” - just like they do at the Indy 500.
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    Hats off to Don Carr, owner of Tuxedo Brothers Event Management of Zionsville, whose motto for successful races is Event Management with Style. Carr also supports “J Team”.
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    Here’s to supergirl Jenni Berebitsky and her famous “J Team” members. It’s safe to say there was a sea of brown at the race and it was electrifying.
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    I loved meeting these two lovely ladies – Community Hospital family doctor Susan Helsel and daughter Olivia. They told me they had a wonderful day and it was thrilling to experience the race together. They both worked hard and trained in Carmel where Dr. Helsel works. They loved flashing their medals with glee.
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    “Where’s Amy?” always loves seeing her favorite amazing duo team – Brad and Meg Osborne of MEG & Associates Event Planners/Kids TRI For Kids Triathlon Series. Meg and Brad know how to run a smooth event and are the best event planners in Carmel – Hands down.
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    ‘WINNER’S DRINK MILK” … The 2015 Men and Woman Champions David Foresee and Anne Clinton celebrated their victory win with the traditional “Winner’s Drink Milk” dance … The crowd cheered with delight for these two 2015 Eagle Creek Sprint/Tuxedo Brother Triathlon winners!

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