Where’s Amy: The Wizard of Oz

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    'The Wizard of Oz’ US Tour - Scarecrow (Morgan Reynolds) , Tin Man (Jay McGill) and Cowardly Lion (Aaron Fried) hamming it up for “Where’s Amy?” at Clowes Memorial Hall. (Photos by Amy Pauszek for Current Publishing LLC. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.)
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    "Where’s Amy?”  … I enjoyed an exclusive behind the scenes photo shoot for Current with actors  The Scarecrow (Morgan Reynolds) , Tin Man (Jay McGill) and Lion (Aaron Fried)
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    The Scarecrow (Morgan Reynolds)
  • IMG_0049
    The Tin Man (Jay McGill)
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    The Cowardly Lion (Aaron Fried)
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    “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" … The Great Powerful Oz was in the house at Butler University. 
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    The Wizard of Oz - Scarecrow (Morgan Reynolds) , Tin Man (Jay McGill) and Lion (Aaron Fried) were all smiles posing on the 1st Tier at Clowes Memorial Hall for an exclusive “Where’s Amy?” photo shoot.
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    Butler Mascot "Blue lll" came to visit the Scarecrow (Morgan Reynolds), Tin Man (Jay McGill) and Lion (Aaron Fried) before their performance of The US Broadway Tour of The Wizard of Oz.
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    Famous Butler Bulldog Blue III Stopped by the “Where’s Amy?” photo shoot and was ready for his Close Up! 
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    Blue III hammed it up for “Where’s Amy?” on the “Wizard of Oz” set with owner Michael Kaltenmark and Beth Vaughn of RTV6. 
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    Butler Bulldog Blue III was ready to give Toto a run for his money … Blue III loved sharing the spot light with Broadway actors Morgan Reynolds (Scarecrow), Aaron Fried (Lion) and Jay McGill (Tin Man) at an exclusive shoot for Current.
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    Channel 8 host and Current’s own Dick Wolfsie had fun interviewing the Lion (Aaron Fried), Scarecrow (Morgan Reynolds) and Tin Man (Jay McGill) live on the set of the Broadway Wizard of Oz. 
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    Morgan Reynolds (Scarecrow) , Aaron Fried (Lion) Matthew Porter (Director of Public Relations PNC Broadway in Louisville & Broadway in Indianapolis) with Jay McGill (Tin Man) 
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    “Where’s Amy?” … Loved hanging out with famous Blue III on the set of The US Tour of Wizard of Oz … Blue III was ready to take over Toto’ s job in the Broadway show that blew into town.

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