Where’s Amy?: The Warehouse

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    Superhero duo team Blair Clark and Heather Ramsey Clark, owners of The Warehouse. 254 1st Ave. SW, Carmel. (Photos by Amy Pauszek)
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    Gena Padgett and Kim Freeman of Westfield loved the relaxed atmosphere at The Warehouse and are dedicated Jennie DeVoe fans who don’t mind traveling from Westfield or wherever DeVoe is playing. 
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    Jennie DeVoe put a spell on the guests at her sold out concert. Her raspy soulful voice filled th
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    I had fun catching up with friends at Jennie DeVoe’s concert … Great to see Nancy Heck, director of Carmel community relations and economic development and long time family friend Diana Mutz, arts patron and vice president of Big Car. It was their first time at The Warehouse and they had a wonderful night.
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    It was "Girls Night Out" for Carmel’s own Society Girl Rosemary Waters, Janelle Morrison, CEO of MADD Media Solutions and Sue Maki manager of the Carmel Environmental Initiatives & Education. These gals took a break from their busy jobs and enjoyed a true GNO of song, laughter and fun! So awesome to see the gals! 

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