Where’s Amy?: State Fair

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    J.T. McCallister of Fishers Reynolds Farm Equipment Sales Force was ready to teach, serve and inform farm goers about the various farm equipment and merchandise available at the Mac Reynolds Barn. Reynolds played a big part of the Indiana State Fair this year by organizing the first ‘Light Up the Night’ spectacular tractor parade. A huge hit for all to see in the Indiana State Fair grandstands. “Where’s Amy?” loves the friendly and first-rate customer service at Reynolds.
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    The popular Indigo Girls played a free concert to hundreds of fans on opening night at the Indiana State Fair. “Where’s Amy?” was there to catch the excitement and ran into Kelly Vrtis and Laura Shanley both of Carmel. These Indigo Girl fans and longtime friends took in the concert while their husbands took their kids on rides in Kiddie Land. Vrtis said she was enjoying the night off and loved her refreshing iced tea with squeezed lemons. Stanley said she never misses an issue of Current in Carmel and was excited to be included in the “Where’s Amy?” column.
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    "Where’s Amy?” … I was joking around with my favorite pal Michael Lawson of Reynolds Farm Equipment just minutes before the new 'Light Up the Night' tractor parade started. Lawson, a longtime Noblesville resident made his dreams come true and organized the spectacular show for fairgoers of all ages. I was honored to witness the first ever tractor parade highlighting farmers. The crowd cheered as lighted tractors rolled down the dirt track. The sight was amazing. A new tradition at the Indiana State Fair was born.
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    The ‘Light Up the Night’ parade was led by a tractor donated to the Northern Indiana Historical Power Asscociation by Ruth and Jack Jarnecke. The crowd rose to their feet and placed their hands over their hearts as our American Flag rolled on by.
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    “Where’s Amy?” was honored to meet the iconic jazz and gospel vocalist Everett Greene, who took time to pose with Indy’s favorite freelance writer and fair girl Nora Spitznogle. The crowd was treated to Greene’s powerful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. What a way to kick off a new tradition and first day of the fair.
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    One of the many beautiful floats hitched to a lit-up trailer. Reynolds family member Michael Lawson organized the first ‘Light Up the Night’ parade which highlighted 'The Year of the Farmer’ at the 2015 Indiana State Fair.
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    The first ever ‘Light of the Night’ parade help in the Grandstand at the 2015 Indiana State Fair. A new tradition sponsored by Reynolds Farm Equipment and the vision of Reynolds family member Michael Lawson.
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    The night started after the ‘Light Up the Night’ parade and the fun continued at the opening day/night of the Indiana State Fair. The Midway was packed with adults and kids of all ages … ‘Where’s Amy?” was off being a daredevil and you can be rest assured I hung on for dear life on the rides.
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    The Indiana Fair runs until Aug. 23. ‘Where’s Amy?” urges you to grab your friends and family and attend. Fun rides and educational adventures are waiting for you - and trust me, the buttered corn - pork sandwich and fried green tomatoes are calling your name. Simply Deelish!
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    The Indigo Girls gave a free concert to hundreds of fans and was a true fairgoers treat. The fans cheered with sheer delight as they played their break out hit “Power of Two.” “Where’s Amy?” had a chance to talk to these old soul music songwriter/singers who said they said they loved to share their music, enjoyed their Indiana tour and thought our Indiana State Fair was the best. The stage was rocking and The Indigo Girls proved they are stronger than ever.
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    Michael Lawson, Noblesville resident and a member of the Fishers Indiana Reynolds Farm Equipment family had a ball catching up with Cindy Hoye. Hoye is the executive cirector of the Indiana State Fair and has been a longtime friend of the Reynolds family. Hoye told "Where’s Amy?” that she was so thrilled Lawson organized and created the first ‘Light Up the Night’ tractor parade that highlights our own Indiana farmers. You can tell by these folks smiles and shining eyes that they are great friends and true supporters of the Indiana State Fair. Hats off to Hoye, Lawson and the Reynolds family for making the 2015 Indiana State Fair the best.
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    A bird’s eye view of the wonderful first ever ‘Light Up the Night’ parade held in the grandstands at the Indiana State Fair. The event also included hot air balloons that illuminated the sky. Reynolds started a new tradition that will live on forever.

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