Where’s Amy?: Songbook Celebration Gala

  • AA-Wheres Amy- 1013- Gala1
    Carmel students Maddie Roger and Tim Pawlovich enjoyed volunteering for the Gala. They said they had fun getting dressed up and toasting their Diet Cokes.
  • AA-Wheres Amy- 1013- Gala2
    Sean Shepard and Denise Moe, both of Carmel posed and were looking snazzy on the Palladium Red Carpet. 
  • AA-Wheres Amy- 1013- Gala3
    Songbook Cadets from the Carmel Ambassadors were all smiles from head to toe - Andrea Garcia, Avanlee Fisher, Annie Harrison, Jessica Abshire, Katrien Vanderbeck and Sarah Tye. 
  • AA-Wheres Amy- 1013- Gala4
    ‘Where’s Amy?” enjoyed chatting with the delightful Hector Rosa and Jenny Bizzoco of Carmel. 
  • AA-Wheres Amy- 1013- Gala5
    It’s always fun to see the fabulous Frank and Katrina Basile at the Songbook Celebration Gala. 
  • AA-Wheres Amy- 1013- Gala6
    Such an honor to meet Artistic Director Michael Feinstein and his charming spouse Terrence Flannery at the 2015 Songbook Celebration. 
  • AA-Wheres Amy- 1013- Gala7
    Celebrity and friends of the Palladium Maryilyn Maye and Karen Ziemba both gave live stellar performances and wowed the crowd with their voices and charm. “Where’s Amy?” was honored and humbled to have a quick chat with these strong and inspiring women at the 2015 Songbook Celebration Gala. 

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