Where’s Amy?: SNL costume designer visits his hometown

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    Steve and Sharon Terry invited 95 ATI family and friends over for a scrumptious brunch the day after the screening of “Live From New York!”, a documentary film produced by their son, Tom Broecker. Sharon Terry, ATI Board Member John Terry, Kristen Merritt, director of marketing and development and costume designer/executive producer Tom Broecker posed for "Where’s Amy?” by Sharon’s beautiful garden.
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    Brothers John Terry and Tom Broecker share a love and respect for the theater. The two brothers worked hard to bring “Live from New York!” to Flix Brewhouse for a benefit to help the Actors Theatre of Indiana.
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    Costume designer and executive producer Tom Broecker relaxes and enjoys time with friends at a private brunch in Carmel hosted by Steve and Sharon Terry.
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    ATI members Val Vezey, Melissa Cawi, Tammy Radar, Jane Hoover, Jill Zaniker, Jeff Zaniker, Mark Cawi and Scott Hoover, all of Carmel, enjoy a brew and the fun atmosphere of Flix Brewhouse while waiting to see the documentary film.
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    Family and friends eagerly wait to see Tom Broecker’s documentary film “Live from New York!” at the Flix Brewhouse in Carmel.
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    ATI Co-Founders Cindy Collins and Judy Fitzgerald were excited and had an amazing night at the benefit for the Actors Theatre of Indiana.
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    Ray Cortopassi of Zionsville and his lovely wife, Leslie, mingled with the guests at the benefit for ATI. This suprerduo was also a crowd favorite. Cortopassi had a wonderful Q&A with Tom Broecker after the screening.
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    CIC-COM-0905-WA Flix 8 – USE IN CIZ Charles T. Richardson, partner of Faegre Baker Daniels - Washington DC sponsored the ATI benefit and posed for “Where’s Amy?’ with Tom Broecker, Leslie and Ray Cortopassi of Zionsville and Sharon Terry minutes before viewing the documentary film.
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    Carmel arts supporters Ila and Jack Badger had fun chatting with ATI Executive Director Jim Reilly and his wife, P.J., at Flix Brewhouse.
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    The night was not complete without an official photo with brothers John Terry, Tom Broecker, David Broecker and Ed Broecker. All had a marvelous time celebrating Tom’s documentary film and supporting the Actors Theatre of Indiana.
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    It was a proud moment for Steve Terry, Tom Broecker and Sharon Terry minutes before seeing their son’s documentary on the big screen in front of a packed house of family and friends at Flix Brewhouse.
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    Flix Brewhouse general manager Ron Hahn and Tom Broecker.
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    Shhhhh ...“Where’s Amy?” snapped a clip from the hit documentary “Live from New York!” If you are a fan of “Saturday Night Live,” this film will have you grinning from ear to ear.
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    ATI supporter Jeff Merritt and ATI co-founder Don Farrell grin with excitement after the sold-out crowd claps and cheers for the documentary.
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    Hats off to ATI co-founder Judy Fitzgerald; Charlie T. Richardson, partner at Faegre Baker Daniels; ATI co-founder Cindy Collins; ATI executive director Jim Reilly; director of marketing and business development Kristen Merritt; proud parents Steve and Sharon Terry of Carmel; SNL costume designer and executive director Tom Broecker; and television broadcaster and moderator Ray Cortopassi.
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    Sponsor Charles T. Richardson and Tom Broecker — the meeting of the minds!

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