Where’s Amy? listens to Rosanne Cash at the Palladium in Carmel

  • IMG_9918
    It was a Mother / Daughter GNO with Peggy Stockdale (Zionsville) and Sarah Heck (Who flew in from Philadelphia) to see Rosanne Cash live at the Palladium.
  • IMG_9923
    Wade and Kimberly Walker (Carmel) enjoyed a romantic night out at the Palladium to see Rosanne Cash.
  • IMG_9924
    John and Pam Huff (Westfield) were rockin the night away at the Rosanne Cash concert.
  • IMG_9929
    Jean and Jim Foster (Noblesville) enjoyed hearing the tunes of famous Rosanne Cash at the Palladium.
  • IMG_9933
    Martin McGilidy and Faith Adams (Westfield) had a super time and were all smiles during the intermission at the Rosanne Cash Concert.
  • IMG_9934
    Garry Bruce (Carmel), Liz Hunker (Carmel), Charlotte Bopp (Carmel) and Sherri Book (Carmel) said they loved seeing Rosanne Cash live on stage at the Palladium.
  • IMG_9939
    Laura Mitchel (Carmel) with Asia and J. Anthony Ware (Indianapolis) enjoyed seeing Rosanne Cash at the Palladium.
  • IMG_9979
    Rosanne Cash said she loved the Palladium and joked she would give a partial refund to the guests because she was wearing jeans.
  • IMG_9997
    Rosanne Cash had a great connection with the audience at the Palladium.

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