Where’s Amy?: Heartland Film Festival

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    Director Patricia Riggen is paving the way for female directors and actresses in film. Her new film, “The 33,” comes out Nov. 13.
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    Heartland board member Jenny Godby of Zionsville poses with the Indiana Spotlight winning director Tim Taylor, who won for his film, “Citizen Teklit.”
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    OM-1031-WA Hollywood 3 The Heartland $45,000 grand prize winner for Best Documentary Feature "Romeo Is Bleeding” filmmaker Michael Klein takes time out to pose for "Where’s Amy?” with Donte Clark, who rapped for Heartland audiences after screenings.
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    “Coming Through The Rye” had its world premiere screening at the Heartland Film Festival closing night and brought a little Hollywood charm along with it. Alex Wolff, director and writer James Sadwith and Stefania Owen walked the red carpet in front of excited fans and were thrilled to be in Indianapolis. Wolff was here a few months ago promoting “Paper Towns” with his bother Nat. He is proud of his work in “Coming Through The Rye” and looks forward to upcoming projects.
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    Director and writer James Sadwith was thrilled to reunite with his co-producer and UPM Sara Elizabeth Timmins, founder of Life Out Loud Films, with a mission to make inspiring films with strong female characters. Timmins screened “Wish You Well” with Ellen Burstyn and Josh Lucas in 2013 at Heartland.
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    Hollywood celebrities Alex Wolff and Stefania Owen, stars of the new hit film “Coming Through The Rye,” slipped away from their loyal fans for a few minutes to chat and pose by their official poster with “Where’s Amy?”

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