Where’s Amy? gets a sneak peek at Market District

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    Market District store located in Carmel, Indiana. Which includes a full service Starbucks along with several other unique coffee brands including their own Jamaican Coffee - which is to die for.
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    Yelp elite members were treated to a complementary Market District gift bag which included a generous variety of their specialty items and treats. Guests also received a special invitation to attend another pre-opening party experience.
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    Senior President of Market District Tom DeVries, Market Development Chef Ben D’Amico and Director of Food & Beverage Rick Hopkins were present and ready for the exclusive Yelp elite party.
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    “Where’s Amy?” enjoyed reconnecting with Executive Store Leader Jim Griffith of Carmel and meeting Senior President of Market District Tom DeVries. Griffith moved his family from Ohio to be a part of the Market District family and loves reading Current In Carmel.
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    Daniel Tribbett serves up a spacial batch of Market District’s layered gazpacho shots - which were delicious.
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    All eyes were on Executive Chef Jennifer Bargisen of Carmel - her energy and excitement for Market District was contagious. The fruits and vegetables are fresh and unique.
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    Market District Executive Chef Jennifer Bargisen, Carmel and her staff members cooked up a storm at the sausage creation station where yelp elite guests were treated to a variety of sizzling seasoned sausages that were topped off with vegetables and special dipping sauces.
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    Yelp elite guests were treated to a wonderful sausage creation station where they had samples of sausages and vegetables with special dipping sauces and mustards to chose from.
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    Yelp elite members came from all over the state to
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    Emilee Sautter of Greenwood and Chase Lewark of Carmel were excited to part of the Market District Team, Sautter said she has no problems driving the distance to her new work place because she gets to be around exotic foods and good spirits.
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    “Where’s Amy?” loved meeting Michelle and Paul Quirke of Carmel. The couple said they were very serious Yelp elite foodies and were excited that Yelp Indy Community Director Brittany Smith brought the elite special members to Carmel for such a special exclusive invite only event.
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    Market District Director of Food & Beverage Rick Hopkins and Yelp Indy Community Director Brittany Smith brought huge smiles to the select group of Yelp elite members who wined and dined at the Market District exclusive party in Carmel.
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    “Where’s Amy?” loved mingling and learning about a few of the amazing companies who will be a part of Market District in Carmel. Christy White of Cincinnati Whirlybird Granola, Shane Ledford from Indy’s own Piazza Produce, Mike Kessler, Traderspoint Creamery, and Laura Davenport from Tulip Tree Creamery both of Zionsville loved introducing and entertaining the elite Yelpers about their delicious and healthy foods.
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    Fun to catch up with Zionsville’s own Local Sales Manager Mike Kessler of Traderspoint Creamery.
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    “Where’s Amy?” … loving the fun and energy of Mike Kessler of Traderspoint Creamery and Laura Davenport of Tulip Tree Creamery both from Zionsville. They both are avid readers of Current In Zionsville and are excited to be a part of the Market District family.
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    Market District’s Director of Food & Beverage Rick Hopkins and Executive Chef Jennifer Bargisen said they were meant to work together as a team and love working with the professional chefs and staff members of Market District.
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    Market District Team Members Suzy and Amy were all smiles at the Yelp elite party.
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    Market District Team Members Chase Lewark,Paula Cardwell, Emilee Sautter and Josh Arnold were ready to serve at the Yelp elite exclusive party.
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    Tulip Tree Creamery Laura Davenport of Zionsville and Yelp Indy Community Director Brittany Smith enjoyed talking about what wonderful and unique foods and treats the new Market District has to offer.
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    The exclusive Yelp elite party ended with a bang when the loyal Yelp band members of the Pork N Beans Brass Beans came rumbling through the banquet hall with glee.
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    “Where’s Amy?” was mesmerized by the delicious desserts made fresh by the delightful Pierre Giacometti, Market District Pastry Chef … Shhh ...Giacometti’s sexy Italian voice made the desserts even better.
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    The night was perfect with the wine selection from Carmel’s own Peacewater Winery. Owner Laura Burton and Partner in Crime Sheila Johnson were excited to be a part of the exclusive Yelp elite party and are excited to have their wine in the Market District.
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    Fun to chat with J. Scott and Laura Burton of the Carmel local Peacewater Winery. Be sure to stop by their winery in Carmel and now you can grab a taste at the Market District when it opens.

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