Where’s Amy?: Film fans

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    Current’s own Laura and Lauren George were looking stylish at the awards ceremony at The Old National Centre.
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    Geist residents Oz and Rosann Morgan were excited to see their son, Sam Osborne, on stage as a nominee for his short film, “A Proud Woman.” Osborne hails from Carmel but is currently living in Berlin.
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    Carmel residents and Heartland Film Festival High School Competition founders Bob and Allison Spoonmore.
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    Carmel residents Bob and Suzanne Thomas with Anthony and Lisa Najem, Adrian and Pat Brown of Fishers and Antone and Emily Najem of Geist enjoy a wonderful night out at the Heartland Film Festival awards night.
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    Local favorites Rob and Jennie DeVoe were all smiles at the Heartland Awards Ceremony. DeVoe gave an award out during the ceremony and was a crowd favorite with her charm.
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    Filmmaker Gregory Ballard Jr., Winnie and Mayor Greg Ballard took in the festivities where son, Gregory, had a film that screened in the festival.
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    It’s a Carmel family affair when it comes to Heartland Film Executive Assistant Abby Specht and her family of film buffs, all who hail from Carmel. From left, Greg Specht, Tim Sprecht, Britt Corbisiezo, James Sample, Mike Sample, Jacclyn Koeske, Pam Sample, Sam Sample and Shani Laupus.

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