Where’s Amy?: Devour Downtown

  • CIC-COM-0915-WA Devour 1
    Visit Indy’s Christine Beyer Zetzl and Morgan Snyder, director of Leisure Communications, were a bundle of fun and told “Where’s Amy?” they are trying to bring Northside and downtown residents together.
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    WTLC radio announcer Jerry Wade joined “Where’s Amy?” at the 2015 Devour Downtown Summerfest Progressive Dinner. Wade enjoys coming to these events to meet other social media experts and loves hearing what’s happening in their neck of the woods.
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    Monument Circle was packed with 2015 Devour Downtown Progressive Dinner guests - an event designed by Susan Decker Media to bring social media experts and foodies together from all parts of town to experience fine dining.
  • CIC-COM-0915-WA Devour 4
    WTHR sports reporter Rich Nye gives Devour Downtown’s Soupremacy a big thumbs up! Nye told ‘Where’s Amy?” he loves reading Current and loves the Northside arts and fine dining.
  • CIC-COM-0915-WA Devour 5
    Jason Justice, general manager of Georgia Reese’s, posed with Susan Decker, CEO and organizer of Devour Downtown Summerfest Progressive Dinner. Justice told “Where’s Amy?” he loves living and raising his family in Fishers.
  • CIC-COM-0915-WA Devour 6
    “Where’s Amy?” … enjoying a wonderful night with friends event and promotions manager Meaghan Banks, Georgia Reese’s general manager Jason Justice, Susan Decker of Susan Decker Media, SRAM advanced development engineer David Morse and Yelp Indy Senior Community Manager Brittany Smith. Stay tuned for next week’s ‘Where’s Amy” where I will cover the new District Market in Carmel at the Yelp’s exclusive and elite Hard Hat Preview Party!

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