Where’s Amy?: Civic Theatre turns stage into Twisted Tea Party

  • IMG_2088
    Crazy fun food and cocktails lit up the stage … The delicious treats were catered by Carmel’s Jonathan Byrd and the decorations were also amazing too! (Photos by Amy Pauszek)
  • IMG_2095
    More spectacular decorations for the theme of : “Alice in Wonderland” ...
  • IMG_2104
    Brent E. Marty, Director of Music & Education for Civic Theatre had the guests laughing and singing as he hosted the Adult Twisted Tea Party and Performances. He also Directed and Choreographed “Alice in Wonderland” for the Jr. Civic production which was a hit!
  • IMG_2110
    The tables were filled to the brim with whimsical food , treats and galore!
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    Civic Theatre Sponsor and Supporters Karl P. and Holly Haas. Holly is also the Education Programs Director for the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre.
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    Civic Theatre’s Dynamic Marketing Team is right on target for bringing the best to theatre lovers around the city! “Where’s Amy?” loves hearing about all of the current and upcoming events through Face Book, Twitter and in media print. Hats off to : Capital Campaign Associate, Kate Appel - Promotions Manager, Melissa Hook and Intern, Mara Ofengender.
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    Welcome To The Rabbit Hole ... You are about to enter Civic Theatre’s TWISTED TEA PARTY - A Psychedelic FUN -raiser!
  • IMG_2136
    Hats off to The Twisted Party Event Committee Co-Chair Mary Ortyl hanging out with Civic Theatre’s Kate Appel ,Melissa Hook and Event Committee Co- Chair (Partner in Crime) Natalie Manges. These two powerhouse Event Committee Co-Chairs put on an amazing Twisted Tea Party and FUN raiser …Plus, they sure do know how to sport their hats!
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    Civic Theatre Supporters and Old Time Friends Rhonda Daly, Westfield and Chris Connors of Geist had a great time at The Twisted Tea Party FUN raiser for Jr. Civic Thetare.
  • IMG_2167
    Twisted Tea Party attendees were treated to exotic psychedelic cocktails and long time Jr. Civic Pals … that were blasts from the past. Guests were from Westfield, Carmel and Geist.
  • IMG_2178
    John Hedges, Executive Director of Civic Theatre and Brent E. Marty, Director of Music and Education thank the guests, alumni and supporters of Civic Theatre. The Twisted Tea Party had an amazing turn out and everyone left thrilled about the new season and excited for the success of “Alice in Wonderland”!

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