Where’s Amy?: Carmel International Arts Festival

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    Festival president Dawn Fraley, owner of The Great Frame Up, brought the Carmel International Arts Festival to a new level, including increasing festival scholarships, developing a new online application process and bringing in exciting new food options.
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    Supergirls Unite. The 2015 Festival team members from left: Publicity Chair Lynda Pitz, Executive Director and Treasurer Rosemary Waters and President Dawn Fraley did a fantastic job making sure the festival ran smoothly.
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    Board member Jim Burrell was on the move at the 2015 Carmel International Arts Festival.
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    Board member and Good Day Carmel’s own Jeff Worrell made sure every festival guest left with a “positive” attitude.
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    “Where’s Amy?” enjoyed seeing young children paint at the Young at Art tent thanks to these fine young ladies, from left: Secretary of the Arts Council Susan Anderson, Sydney Hartwick and Megan Glaze, both members of the Carmel Arts Council High School Division.
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    Sydney Hartwick helps Lucas Dillon of Carmel with his first art print while dad Scott Dillon and Susan Anderson watch with glee.
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    Cousins Ben Carson, Elle Vairo and Maddie Vairo have fun creating their own masterpieces on the streets at the Carmel International Arts Festival.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 8
    From left: Joyce Burrell, Jacquie Carson and Julie Vairo enjoy the Carmel International Arts Festival.
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    From left: Hannah Johnson, Sarah Sigman, Lainey Slack and Katie Brake amuse the festival crowd with their colorful outfits. The girls were promoting Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre’s “La Casa Azul,” which had its encore presentation Oct. 1 to 3 at the Tarkington Theatre.
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    From left: Hannah Johnson, Sarah Sigman, Lainey Slack and Katie Brake took time to pose with Carmel sisters Katie and Caroline Farmer.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 11
    The streets were filled with artists from all over the country.
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    Carmel Clay Historical Society volunteers Deb Gangstad, left, and Lisamaria Burkhard had fun having festival guests place a pin on the map to show where they came from. It was amazing to see that the Carmel International Arts Festival attracted people from all over the world.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 13
    “Where’s Amy?” loved meeting and chatting with Susan Kline from Peru, Ind., and bought two of her fun, whimsical dog prints. Susan’s prints are available in the Etsy store Susan Kline Designs.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 14
    Aarika and Josh White of Fishers brought along their dog Avery to the festival. Aarika also works in Carmel and said she loves staying current by reading "Where’s Amy?” in both the Carmel and Fishers newspapers.
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    Page Casper, left, and Taylor Rohrbon, both of Carmel, said the popcorn was the best ever and did not want to share, so they bought their own stashes.
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    From left: Carmel Tri Kappa volunteers Jane VanDyne, April Sanchez and Kerry Frieiber said they love volunteering for the arts festival every year for their organization.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 17
    Heartland Film Festival Development Director Kristi Barber and Director of Marketing and Public Relations Greg Sorvig passed out information about the upcoming festival and free Heartland sunglasses.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 18
    From left: The Chinese Mooncakes were ready with Ming, Sandra Long and Shaoyu Zhou at the Carmel- XIANGYANG tent.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 19
    “Where’s Amy?” with committee member Dee Kerber at the Hoosier Salon gallery.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 20
    "Where’s Amy?” had fun with Chefs on a Truck from Market District. Patrick Ray, left, and Savy Hanover know how to cook!
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 21
    It was a good day in Carmel with "Where’s Amy?,” friends of the Carmel International Arts Festival and Palladium, from left, Diane Syrcle, Jeff Worrell and Susan Leo.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 22
    Susan Leo, left, and Diane Syrcle enjoy their day at the festival.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 23
    “Where’s Amy?” had fun catching up with volunteer coordinator Sharleen Miller and longtime Carmel legend Doreen Squire Ficara at the festival’s info booth.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 24
    Ballet students were ready to hit the streets, handing out information about their upcoming performances. From left: Aiko Ileleji, Caitilin Connolly, Lindsey Thole, Coleter Bush and Riley Terbush said they think Current is cool.
  • CIC-COM-1006-CIAF 25
    It was great to see Doug Arnholter, who is known for his Mural of America and beautiful art.

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