Where’s Amy?: Broyles film launch

  • 1
    Carmel native and filmmaker Luke Broyles chats on the red carpet with Real Scene TV’s Mindy Winkler about his new film “The Battles That Changed Us.” (Photos by Amy Pauszek)
  • 2
    Manager and mom, Donna Hogard, takes a moment to pause with Luke minutes before “The Battles That Changed Us” starts. Hogard has been a role model to her son and they have a close bond together that works.
  • 3
    The uniforms and props were 100 percent authentic. Broyles even participated in a Civil War Reenactment so he would realize how hot, heavy and itchy the wool uniforms were in the scorching heat.
  • 4
    “The Battles That Changed Us” executive producers, Molly Brougher of The Mustard Seed Foundation, and Dori Kelly were excited to watch the long awaited feature film on the big screen.
  • 5
    The four lead actors line up on the red carpet with Luke for a special VIP Q & A. The talented cast and crew were from cities across Indiana including Zionsville, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers and Carmel. Pictured: Ransom Pugh, Brad Meyer, Luke Broyles, Tony Bartele and Jared Winslow. 
  • 6
    Talent Fusion Modeling Agency owner Scott Tucker, owner and chief instructor at Indy Actors Academy Jim Dougherty, filmmaker Luke Broyles, actress Kehaulani Haydon and Donald A. Becker, owner of Rutledge Productions – All leaders in the Indiana Filmmaking Community, came to support Luke Broyles at his premiere “The Battles that Changed Us.”

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