Where’s Amy?: Boz Scaggs at the Palladium

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    Boz Scaggs ruled the Palladium and won the hearts of every fan after he gave three encores to the sold out venue. It was a treat to hear his new songs mixed with the old.
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    Rick and Kimberly Bossingham of Carmel were sitting behind me at the concert. I loved hearing them belt out tunes and I was thrilled when they each left with guitar picks that Scagg’s threw out to a few lucky fans. The Bossinghams said they love attending concerts at the Palladium because the acoustics and entertainment are both top notch.
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    “Where’s Amy?” loved bumping into Samantha Hayton and Kenneth Blansette, who were celebrating their second anniversary. They both live in Carmel and said that Boz Scaggs performing at the Palladium was the perfect date night. Congrats and cheers to one romantic evening!
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    It was girls night out for Carmel pals Jane Weitbacht, Linda Troggio and Marybeth Berger-Troyott. These gals said they loved every minute of the concert.
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    A night at the Palladium would not be complete for “Where’s Amy?” without running into pals of the Actors Theatre of Indiana. What a treat is was to see Kevin Farrell, ATI founder/artistic director Don Farrell, Wendy Mathews and ATI board members Denise Reiter and Michael Davidson. Yep, that’s the beautiful Palladium glowing in the background and the gang said it was a super fabulous night. Be sure to look for my upcoming exciting adventures with Actors Theatre of Indiana next week for “Where’s Amy?”

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