Where’s Amy at the holidays?

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    Actors Theatre of Indiana Co-Founder Don Farrell with his beautiful daughter Lizzie Farrell enjoyed spending time together on opening night. (Photos by Amy Pauszek for Current Publishing LLC. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.)
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    Cast members Bradley Reynold and Don Farrell had fun meeting DeeAnn Harvey (Carmel), Lauren Harvey (Carmel) and Douglas Harvey (Carmel) who said they loved ATI's family friendly "A Year With Frog and Toad.”
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    The cast of “A Year With Frog and Toad” took photos and signed autographs after every performance. The Kids loved the opportunity to meet ATI professional cast members Shelby Putlak, Kyra Kenyon, Tim Hunt, Bradley Reynold, Don Farrell with his beautiful daughter Lizzie Farrell. (Photos by Amy Pauszek for Current Publishing LLC. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.)
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    ATI Alumni Logan Moore and Danielle Carnagua came to support both ATI’s “A Year With Frog and Toad” and Civic Theatre’s "Mary Poppins.”
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    Chris Concord, (Carmel) Jordan Hoffman, (Carmel) Tina Jesson, Owner (Carmel) and Aaron Mowles (Carmel) of 'Tina’s Traditional Old English Kitchen' in Carmel hosted a special tea party for Civic Theatre’s “Mary Poppins” guests on opening night.
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    Jan Swander, (Zionsville) enjoyed high tea with Kathleen Carlson, (Fishers) before the opening night of “Mary Poppins”.
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    Marianne Glick and husband Michael Woods attended an opening night private party at Civic Theatre before taking in "Mary Poppins.”
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    Civic Theatre's Producing Director (and Sound Designer for "Mary Poppins”) Michael J. Lasley, and Janet Sutton, Director of Props are lifetime friends and part of the Civic family. They took time to pose for “Where’s Amy?” minutes before the sold out opening night show.
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    Talented young actors Anjali Rooney and Mitchell Wray, both of Carmel loved playing the lead roles of brother and sister in "Mary Poppins”. They said it was a 'super fun experience' and had fun hanging out with each other off stage too.
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    Devan Mathias (Fishers) gave a magical performance as “Mary Poppins” and loved having the chance to ‘fly’ on stage with her co-tars Anjali Rooney (Carmel) and Mitchell Wray (Carmel).
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    The professional students and cast members of the Indiana Ballet Conservatory posed for “Where’s Amy?” minutes before the opening night of “The Nutcracker” at the IMA. Front Row: Lincoln Everett, Meg Dimmet, Justin Hamilton, Nisha Tague, Ran Ohata, Sam Greene. Second Row: Fritz Henderson, Carolyn Sylvia, Elizabeth Che, Sadie Poirier, Abigail Kimball, Phoebe Burrell, Serendipity Said, Aymar Amour, Sergey Sergiev. Back Row: Hailey Argan, Wilmara Mara, Kate Casavan, Camille Nicodemus, Mira Sparks, Heather Witter, Isabella Habash, Lisa Roberts, Tessa Collinson, Kate Dimmett,Michael Schene,Elaine Murphy,Chloe Sun,Chuck Henderson and Tenly DeVoe.
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    Sergey Sergiev, IBC Gentleman’s & Contemporary Instructor posed backstage with Featured Guest Artist Lasha Khozashvili of the Bostion Ballet. This was Khozashvili’s fifth time dancing in the Indiana Ballet Conservatory’s “The Nutcracker”.
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    Six season winner of “The Voice” Josh Kaufman attended the IBC presentation of “The Nutcracker” and has been a longtime supporter and friend of the Indiana Ballet Conservatory. He always enjoys chatting with IBC Founding Artistic Director Alyona Yakovleva-Randall and Interim Executive Director Wilma Manuel.
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    Kelly and Abigail Pettit of Fishers were excited to see IBC’s “The Nutcracker” at the IMA with Carmel friends Joy Dumanden and daughter Lily Power.
  • ND-1222-WA- Holidays15
    Professional students of the Indiana Ballet Conservatory were all smiles after their sold out performance of “The Nutcracker” on opening night. (Front Row: Jillian Schene, Jaden Perdue, Alexandra Manuel, Katie Casavan, lauren White Back Row: Isabella Habash and Alaina Hogan)

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