Where’s Amy? At the Coxhall Guild holiday luncheon

  • CIC-COM-0105-WA Coxhall 1
    Coxhall Guild members: Linda Johnson, Sharon Terry, Pat Kirk, Sandy Turnbull, Joey Kempler, Marty Kaderabek, Annette Post, Audrey Nelson, Becky Rogers, Tami Mitchell, Polly Crumley, Joyce Winner, Anita Ford, Becky Cheetham, Mary Robinson and Jill Mead.
  • CIC-COM-0105-WA Coxhall 2
    Coxhall Guild members Audrey Nelson, Sharon Terry and Mary Robinson hosted a festive and educational luncheon at The Coxhall Mansion.
  • CIC-COM-0105-WA Coxhall 3
    Coxhill Guild members Polly Crumley, Sandy Turnbull and Joyce Winner enjoyed chatting about the holidays, special Coxhall events and gardening.
  • CIC-COM-0105-WA Coxhall 4
    The Coxhall Guild luncheon had members partake in hysterical and fun games - everyone was in stitches and enjoyed the festivities.
  • CIC-COM-0105-WA Coxhall 5
    Coxhall Guild founder Sharon Terry enjoyed a special moment with Santa at the annual luncheon.
  • CIC-COM-0105-WA Coxhall 6
    Coxhall Guild members Becky Rogers and Annette Post enjoy the annual luncheon at the Coxhall Mansion.

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