What’s the future of mass transit in Carmel?

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  • “Without saying whether it should or shouldn’t be done, I think that
    will be a good public discussion,” Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard said.

    Mayor Brainard you are a long time supporter of Transit. Where is Your Leadership on this issue?

    You made this statement a year ago :

    “If we’re going to continue to compete for corporate headquarters and
    good jobs. Not just jobs. But really good jobs, we have to make it
    convenient for people to get around,” Brainard said. http://wishtv.com/2014/01/28/carmel-mayor-mass-transit-will-help-all-of-central-indiana/

    You made a similar statement in 2011 after the election “It’s going to make central Indiana more competitive and improve the quality of life,” said Mayor Jim Brainard (R-Carmel). http://www.wthr.com/story/16317741/new-mass-transit-plan-outlined-for-central-indiana

    That plan actually called for a light rail line.

    What has changed other than an impending election. In the video attached to the first story you state that the city needs to fund transit because roads are expensive. What has changed?

  • Hoosier Steve

    A lot of us in my neighborhood live on pensions and social security. I and I suspect all my neighbors will vote no. The price of a latte, is a chunk out of my wife’s grocery budget. And have any of you not seen a tax that keeps going up. Once politicians get their grubby little hands on your wallet they get greedy