What’s next in the Carmel ‘pill mill’ investigation?

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  • http://www.carmelchatter.com Rick Smith

    I see this last line as a potential Public Health and Safety crisis.

    “Sullivan said she hopes patients like these can find a safe place to get help
    before any of them turn back to their previous addictions.”

    Based on the numbers of patents treated we have a large base of people who may be going through withdraw right now. We need to proactively locate as many of their patients as possible and get them into legitimate treatment. Otherwise we risk a dramatic influx of newly returning heroin addicts.

    It is not only the right thing to do but Ley and Dollard should assist authorities.

    From a practical prospective this is a tragedy of immense proportions. People reaching out for help, fighting the devil himself, being taken advantage of.

    Now without suboxone they will likely slide back into a culture where they have can get relief cheaply at first but can rapidly spin into a need to steal $1250/ day to get enough to cover a $100-$125/day habit.

    Plus they are much more likely to end up dead or in prison on heroin than on suboxone.

    Treatment is a bargain, unfortunately their are many among us that take advantage of the weakest for their own benefit. We can save 10’s of thousands of dollars and lives by getting to these people quickly.


  • DR. Recovery
    • http://www.carmelchatter.com Rick Smith

      Good information! I repeat my point suboxone is still better than heroin which is according to a recent CIC story readily available. If nothing else we should be trying to get these people in real treatment programs.