What you need to know about Carmel’s crackdown on Airbnb

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  • Bob

    Nice analysis Adam, balanced. Refreshing! Interesting it seems to be one house causing all the strum & drang.

  • Eric Morris

    Adam, just to clarify, Clay Township and the City of Carmel, as you know, are not coterminous, though the Plan Commission has jurisdiction over us Home Placers. My understanding is the letters are not only being sent to “hosts operating within the city limits”. (First graph!)

  • It really doesn’t sound like a business.
    Does selling Mary Kay out of a home make it a business?

    They should pay the lodging tax and be regulated for safety.

    Boom-Level playing field.
    Accountable to city ordinances noise, parking, all other ordinances enforced as strictly as they are for any other residential location.

    Curious though, how does this rise to a City of Carmel issue?