Westfield police seeking person of interest in murders, home invasion

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58 Responses

  1. JoeMc says:

    The person of interest has not been identified by Westfield PD. Please change the story title.

  2. Dan Crabtree says:


    • LifelongAstorian says:

      Yes shocking isn’t it!

    • Lew says:

      He could have been white and don’t act like black males commit all crimes

    • America says:

      Slow clap. Indy’s most ignorant :). Dan Crabtree and crew. Who were wrong p.s lol. I can’t wait to see how you backtrack your ignorant comments. Still think we should hang him given the change in race?

      • db says:

        What change in race? He looks black to me!

      • Dan Crabtree says:

        liberals as always wrong as usual…was not a racist comment in any way only a factual comment..you took it as racist of course…fourteen of the last home invasions plus car invasions in hamilton county in the last six months including burglaries were committed in the carmel westfield fischers and noblesville areas sadly were commited by black males.I always tend to be correct as you will soon see..

  3. Edward_Teach says:

    This would ease the racial tension, I think that a law should be passed that when one murders or rapes someone outside of one’s own race it should be automatically deemed a racial hate crime for which it would be punishable by death.

    • Lewis33 says:

      Wouldn’t work, only white males can commit hate crimes. Otherwise its just “a robbery gone wrong.”

  4. chris8lee says:

    you’re all targets

  5. 1776is1984 says:

    Diveristy strikes again!

    • Mobetta Jenkem says:

      Ain’t it just wunnerful, wunnerful?

    • Sam Hill says:

      There is nothing good about diversity. Not one single thing. Mixing good & bad will always result in bad. Praise diversity if you will, but remember you will be praising your own genocide.

      • Lewis33 says:

        A college professor asked a class of 50 to give him a list of the benefits of diversity, food and music were not acceptable answers. They came up with nothing.

        • Sam Hill says:

          A diverse class of 50 would mean that some students couldn’t truthfully answer the question while the diverse students didn’t give a shit while wondering why their diploma isn’t simply given to them. Oh wait… it was. Not doing a damn thing except showing up a time or two qualifies for a diverse diploma. Colleges do have a quota to fill to justify their existence.

    • jojoguhn says:

      They miss your point. U clearly mean to say that the POI is diversifying himself by taking it out of his streets to the neigborhood of the unsuspecting off color.
      Stocks, bonds, whatever-diversify.

  6. Lesley Smith says:

    Actually, almost looks like it isn’t a black male. It looks almost like their is something under the shirt to make him look bigger, and looks like he may have painted his face..

  7. Lewis33 says:

    But, but, the tv shows I watch all tell me that murderers are all white males…

    • Mobetta Jenkem says:

      Yeah, I see the same thing!

      Could it possibly be that pinhead libtard media maggots are trying to misrepresent something?


    • Sam Hill says:

      The media is under orders to suppress bl@ck on white crime. It’s racist to point out anything other than what fine upstanding tax paying race of people they are. This way, most of the sheeple will be thinking puppies & rainbows and never expect a violent attack about to happen to them or their love ones. The media isn’t being honest to everyone and only making the problem worse by not reporting the truth.

      • Lewis33 says:

        You’ve hit the nail on the head. Everyone, and I mean everyone on the right says that the media is run by a bunch of snakes, purposely leading us down the path to hell. Most don’t take it to the next step, realizing that those who make the decisions all belong to a certain group…who happily proclaim that they own the media. I’ll give you a hint, they aren’t Norwegians.

    • LifelongAstorian says:

      In reality, virtually NONE of them are!

      • Lewis33 says:

        You make it sound like the mass media is trying to hide something from me for their own nefarious purposes…you wouldn’t say that! (Sarcasm off)

  8. Lewis33 says:

    The police are probably holding back some other info about this horrible murder…guessing rape was involved as well. That will come out in a week or two after people have quit following the story.

  9. huber1946 says:

    Bearing arms and profiling are the only ways to handle this crisis for the time being. Be ready people, don’t let this scourge affect your lives. Time to start fighting back in 2014.

    • Lewis33 says:

      We need it to affect our lives a little bit…being aware of whom to look out for, which the media tries to hide from us, for example.

  10. josefel says:

    This is just the reason I don’t want bus and train service expanded to Noblesville. Keep the criminals out of Hamilton county.

  11. Roderick Bateman says:

    Canada is 64% Racist and 36% Diverse.
    The U.S. is 62% Racist and 38% Diverse.
    Australia is 69% Racist and 31% Diverse.
    Europe is 82% Racist and 18% Diverse.


    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white

  12. Guest says:

    I would imagine that someone from Sundown Gardens might know who this individual was

  13. Northstar says:

    Just moved here…warned it was like Texas (Bibles, Guns, etc.). I’m more worried about the crazy white kids using the family cache of weapons and heading to school. Ever notice white kids do most of the mass shootings and white males are usually the serial killers?

    • jojoguhn says:

      Add up the numbers. The “slow trickle” of home evasion / robbery that ends witb a murder is overwhelmingly greater than the smidgen of serial / mass murders.
      Arm up peeps. Aim only if u intend to destroy, but destroy of u must.

    • Jesse Jones says:

      All of the recent white mass murderers were mentally ill with liberal leanings.

      • America says:

        Mentally ill or spoiled brat who’s entitlement complex was too difficult for them to handle complicated by crappy parenting.

    • Dan Crabtree says:

      all mass shootings take place in liberal democrat states..all from spoiled liberal left white kids long since brainwashed from there liberal white parents..

  14. Lew says:

    We have no idea what happen here, all you race haters need to hold back your ignorant
    thoughts until Hamilton county pd do what they do. They are very capable and they
    are sparring no expense to solve this case.

    • Rick Miller says:

      The sad thing is we know EXACTLY what happened. A blak thug raped and murdered and robbed two white guilt filled girls who probably opened the damn door to this animal thinking “they are just like us”. HINT they’re not.

      • America says:

        Hahaha… Yeah he was a black thug.. If by black you mean not black and by thug you mean???? Not quite sure. Jumping to conclusions always ends up well doesn’t it? The story is sad. You cause it to lose it’s meaning my adding your own ignorant opinions.

  15. Jesse Jones says:

    Actually, young black males are only 3% of the population. If you see one and are not packing, run!

  16. Jesse Jones says:

    They’re migrating north and have taken over Castleton. Look out suburbs, you’re next.

  17. Thisisamerica says:

    I think this is just a sad story, either way. Quit politicizing everything. Whether they were a minority family or not– it’s sad all around. In indianapolis it’s blacks in areas like carmel (Westfield) in other areas it’s other minorities. It’s no surprise that with a greater economic disparity, you see a corresponding increase of violent crime. And as the lower, middle and upper middle classes are basically congealed, more crimes are being reported as they are in areas where crimes such as that previously didn’t occur. Carmel is a nice area, surrounded by disproportionately poorer areas. Full of all types of disproportionately poorer individuals; Violent crime is a symptom of the disproportionately resourced areas.

  18. America says:

    *wasn’t a negro.

  19. Joe Mama says:

    Enjoying your diversity America?

  20. Asmodeus says:

    Arm yourselves and practice situational awareness. Look at this things picture on the surveillance camera; to a victim that is an ‘equal…just like us’ to a survivor it is a lurking suspicious opportunist dangerous violent black male. Frankly I don’t give a fuck if stereotyping hurts your feelings – you’ve earned that reputation and yes, I am racist and if you wonder why I’m ‘OMG rayciss!’ It’s because I feel compassion and sorrow for all of the human rape, murder (and worse) victims these homo-erectus have caused. Blacks don’t belong in civilized society and segregation is best for all parties.