Waste storage tanks cause uproar in Southeast Carmel

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  • Marc Allan

    Sewage and sewage tanks should be kept underground. Even if they don’t
    leak or smell – and there’s no guarantee of that – they’re unsightly.
    Would Mr. Williams put a million-gallon sewage tank near his bedroom
    window? No. But he’s willing to do that to others. The CTRWD can promise
    to put landscaping and trees all around the tank, but put lipstick on a
    pig and it’s still a pig.

    Point two: Mr. Williams and the CTRWD
    attempted to sneak this proposal through. No one in the adjacent
    neighborhoods was told. The people of MillBrook found out when the
    church notified them. But people in Jordan Woods, where I live, found
    out only because people from MillBrook told us. If the CTRWD is so
    confident that this is a good idea, it should have been honest with the
    neighbors and sent a letter to all homeowners in the vicinity of King of
    Glory. It didn’t.

    Point three: To get the church to go along,
    the CTRWD offered to build a soccer field and parking lot on the
    church’s property, then threatened to take King of Glory’s land by
    eminent domain if the church members voted against the proposal.

    So let’s review: The CTRWD didn’t notify neighbors, offered the church
    what amounts to a bribe and threatened to confiscate the church’s land
    if it didn’t go along. That should tell you everything you need to know
    about how the CTRWD operates.

    -Marc Allan
    Jordan Woods

  • Carmel Resident

    “The church might be in a tough situation because the money and the improvements could be beneficial to their property and if the CTRWD took the land using eminent domain, the church would likely not receive the property improvements and would have less say regarding landscaping and how the sight is concealed by trees.” – In other words, the church is being bullied and coerced by CTRWD?

    • Vince Artale

      Are incentives above and beyond the appraised value of the land legal in Indian?

  • David Edward Hoffman

    If the Capital and Construction Committee meeting at CTRWD started after work hours, it would be better attended. 4:30 pm is not a convenient time for working people to attend a meeting.

  • Blake Ebersole

    CTRWD sure is smug about their assumptions on safety. Here is one disastrous reason why sewage tanks are not located in residential communities: Sewage Holding Tank Bursts, and
    Two Men Are Killed. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/06/us/06sewage.html

  • David Edward Hoffman

    All Millbrook residents attended an informative meeting offered by CTRWD in mid June. The residents unanimously opposed the project at that time and were very vocal, yet respectful towards CTRWD and a King of Glory representative that we invited to attend. Now all of the neighborhoods in the area are aware (Jordan Woods, The Grove, Shadybrook, Glenwood, and others).

  • Vince Artale

    This article starts off talking about “run-off
    waste water”. You need to understand
    that “run-off waste water” is sewage – human and domestic waste from
    homes and business. In other words what
    goes down your toilet mixed with extra rain water. Now why would anyone think that might stink? If CTRWD knows exactly how they are going to
    control odors they haven’t shared that information widely. We’d love to research the air purification equipment
    that will be used but can’t do so without input from the CTRWD.

  • Vince Artale

    Mr. Williams says “…attended their July 7 meeting, nobody has bothered to attend
    their monthly public board meetings where the information would be available.” What an interesting criticism! According to the CTRWD’s calendar the NEXT meetings after July 7th are August 4th and August 11th. Those dates haven’t occurred yet so it would be impossible for us to have attended them – yet Mr. Williams seems to imply that we simply “…didn’t bother to attend…” This attitude is why it is so difficult to deal with the CTRWD. Mr. Williams may rest assured that large numbers of us will be at the next meetings even though the Construction Committee meetings are scheduled so that it’s difficult for the working public to attend.

  • Larry Verrill

    Gov’t. entities like the city council, the CRC, the 4CDC, the CTRWD, etc. purposly schedule their public meetings so as to keep attendence by the general working public to a minimum…..I have yet to see any written information or maps indicating where this sewage run-off occurs when there is to mush rain water. Is this a secret??? Do MillBrook, Jorden Woods, the church and other nearby subdivisions have sanitary sewers or septic systems or some of both??? This whole project smells worse than the neighborhood will……………