Upon returning from Germany, Mayor Jim Brainard addresses budget concerns

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  • Funny you were having similar discussions in 2011 (graphic)
    One year later in 2012 we had the Bailout.
    Will there be fresh borrowing in your next term?


  • This February 2015 article shows that Councilor Snyder and the other named Councilors were on record being concerned about the 2015 Budget SHORTFALL all along. There was no ill will except possibly on the Mayors part.


    Carmel’s 2015 budget steers conversation at City Council meeting


    City Councilor Luci Snyder estimated that if you take out the double-bond payments from the budget that there is still a $5 million “shortfall” but Brainard doesn’t see it that way. He said the budget is always restored once the revenue comes through in the spring. He said the DLGF is overly conservative and there’s nothing to worry about.

    “Snyder formally asked for Brainard to answer three questions in writing relating to the 2015 budget:

    “Mr. Mayor, I request that you specifically address these shortfalls…in writing. Tell us which requests can be covered in your 2015 budget,” she said.

    “From which funds, departments or projects do you intend to take the money and in what amounts? You are the chief executive and we are not able to do that,” she said.

    “Finally, what are the final budget numbers in each department and specifically the General Fund numbers?” she asked.”


  • 10/30/2014

    Indiana’s Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) now lists Carmel’s total debt at $935 million.

    Among Hoosier cities, only Evansville — facing a bill for
    a new downtown 11,000 seat arena— has accumulated more. Perhaps more
    telling are the report’s findings on “per capita” debt.

    Divided evenly, Carmel’s approximately 85,000 residents owe $11,809 per person, as of July 1, 2014.

    Cordray’s debt report lists the city’s obligations as $576 million,
    including long-terms bonds for sewer and water improvement projects.

    “The rest, I assume, is the Redevelopment Commission’s debt,” she said.

    Brainard said he had no reason to doubt the figures.

    “It is based off our numbers,” he responded, when presented with the report. “There’s no question that the numbers are correct. But, they’re not focused on the right question.”


  • The political stunt was the Mayor’s. He absolutely was derelict in his duty as Mayor. He purposely introduced this when he knew he would be out of the country for an extended period of time. One of his stalwart allies, Ron Carter, chose to take a vacation instead of being in town for this vote. The Mayor failed to appoint an acting Mayor who could have been at the meeting and cast a vote to break the tie. The pure facts are that with Councils tie vote the city’s General Fund will end the year with a positive cash balance of around $3 million dollars per the city’s business manager. The CRC paid over $5.4 million in City bond payments this week per its’ Executive Director. Nothing could more clearly illustrate that I and others on the Council told the truth regarding the City’s fiscal management and the Mayor did not. This line of the Mayor’s that we are are angry because we lost and trying to make the City look bad is the worst kind of political harangue; blame those who oppose you for being right and deflect the public away from seeing the real picture. We were not and are not broke but having less money than you need to fulfill your obligations, without breaking into your piggy bank or going to your rich uncle, is hardly sound management. It will be interesting to see who the Mayor blames next year. Probably us!

  • Helen Thomas

    Brainard pisses money away like a drunken sailor, $11,000+ in debt per citizen and rising. The piper has to be paid sooner or later.

  • John Accetturo

    Now we find out after the fact they were $5.4M short. Mayor Brainard lied to the Council and taxpayers once again. No I am not bitter but happy I don’t have to be associated with the lies and mismanagement of Mayor Brainard and the rest of the bobble head elected officials. Carmel taxpayers who didn’t vote or kept blindly voting for these people deserve what they get. Too bad for the rest of us.

  • Bob

    Is the mayor auditioning for another job? Why would he let this fester as it was common knowledge as early as February? Then again, I wonder if Ashley Madison works for the State Department in India or Germany? Of course, there are probably about 10 million reasons it might not be a good thing if she didn’t. Such an affair. So many questions. So little time.