United Sound: Carmel High School orchestra, special needs students partner to share love of music

  • CIC-COM-1208-United Sound 5
    From left, Josselyn DeFord, Ray Jiang and Lia Mossler work together on a piece during a United Sound session. (Photos by Feel Good Now)
  • CIC-COM-1208-United Sound 7
    Carmel High School Director of Performing Arts Soo Han, right, works with Jimmie Maxwell.
  • CIC-COM-1208-United Sound 1
    Alex Odendahl, left, works with Noah Sachs during a United Sound session.
  • CIC-COM-1208-United Sound 8
    Abby Love, left, works with Lilly St. Angelo during a United Sound session. (Photo by Feel Good Now)

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  • Jerry Spark

    Good to have such Carmel High School orchestra and students who have embraced helping those with special needs learn to play instruments. I even would like to join it too. Pretty nice I’d say. This way of studying a lot better than sitting at home and ordering some academic writing help reviews for example. Thank you