Trash service opt-out for Carmel residents may be eliminated

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  • Just another example of the Mayor picking winners and losers. Kind of like the way he loaded his City Council!

    It is amazing what some well-placed donations can accomplish.
    Contributions by Friends of Jim Brainard by Council member:
    To: Kevin Rider $28,068 In Kind (IK);
    To: Ron Carter $28,321 IK
    To: Jeff Worrell $29,104 IK
    To: Sue Finkam $23,769 IK
    To: Bruce Kimball $22,958 IK
    To: Laura Campbell $0 Ran Uncontested
    To: Carol Schleif $0 Ran Contested
    To: Keith Griffin $24,635 IK Ran AGAINST Carol Schleif

    One could easily question whether these candidates are following a leader or following the money.

    Indeed Ron Carter quipped the Mayor had not had an acceptable Council for 2 decades. This smacks
    of a lack of Leadership. Leaders draw people toward them, users cause people to recoil.

    Mayor Brainard has had to continually add fresh faces as the candidates he backs have a tendency to
    recoil away as they begin to gain a complete understanding of Our Mayor.

    This video tells you that 2 of your 7 current City Councilors have been badly mislead previously! We were only in for a half billion dollars then. Is this the time to be misled again and add another quarter billion to our debt and long term commitments.

  • Time to pin a new number on the elephant. State Department of Local Government Finance pegged our debt at nearly a Billion dollars!

    Mayor claimed ONLY $550 Million or over a half billion. It took 20 years to get there. Do we want to go half again and spend another quarter Billion dollars in JUST 4 YEARS?

    Can someone please update this graphic. It like the Mayor and most of the council is showing it’s age! Should be at least $800 Million but the DLGF will probably call it $1.2 Billion. That’s right Carmel the B word! We have arrived!

  • 123SNL456

    Interesting how the Mayor initially sold the city mandated trash service
    as a way for the public to save money – now well, it’s just going to be

    Now Sue is using the contrived excuse that each trash truck is equivalent
    to 5K cars….. Sue – What is the equivalent for each one of those
    transit buses that you will be pushing?

    If the camel gets his nose in the tent – The camel’s nose is a metaphor
    for a situation where the permitting of a small, seemingly innocuous
    act will open the door for larger, clearly undesirable actions.

    the only people who seem to have an issue with Ray’s service is the Mayor and his hand picked council!

  • RKW50

    So if I have a bit bigger item I need picked up, Recycled, or trash. I make one phone call to Ray’s, “NO problem.” Call republic, what do they say? My guess, is I would be on computer hell forever, or on hold, or “if it doesn’t fit in the container, we don’t pick it up.” I have a great idea. Lets take our larger items and drop them off for the Mayor and City council to take care of! I hope Ray’s brings suit over this. We know what this is all about. Republic is playing hard ball, and trying to lowball their commission back to the city.

  • Glenn Meyer

    I am one of the 2600 customers using Rays. My quarterly charge is $25.83 or $8.61 per month. This is a senior rate but I’m sure the regular rate would not be anywhere near $14.58. My experience with Republic is also one where they are selective about what they will pickup and I can count on picking up trash from my yard after they have serviced my neighbors.

  • Pamela Cunningham

    Just like Mr. Glenn Meyer, we pay $25.83 every 3 months with Ray’s. They are prompt, friendly and timely, unlike Republic, who never pick up at the same time. Republic did not pick up last Wednesday, 1/13/16, due to the cold temperatures. Ray’s did!!!! I’m so tired of the mayor trying to control EVERYTHING in Carmel!!!! This should be the resident’s personal choice just like they do with phone services and cable.