Traffic light planned to ease congestion at 136th Street and Keystone Parkway roundabout

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  • RKW50

    Well, looks like the roundabouts are not without their traffic problems. More than likely, when/if they ever finish 116th from Illinois to Pennsylvania, we will see some stoplights there eventually. I still believe Rube Goldberg designed some of these roundabouts. (think St. Vincent’s)

    • Dustin Wood

      That St. Vincent’s area is a joke. So confusing. How are these people who only have to go to that area once a year able to figure it out. They’re going to get in/cause an accident that will send them to the hospital while they’re already on the way to the hospital.

      I’ve never been so terrified of going through a roundabout on my motorcycle before. I had no idea where I needed to go, what lanes did what, and was constantly checking to make sure everyone saw me and wasn’t blowing through the intersection.

  • RMS

    The roundabout at Keystone and 136th is a major fail. It seems the designers didn’t factor in the morning traffic going through the intersection to get to the high school parking lot, which then backs up all traffic trying to get to Keystone from the east side of 136th. Students vs. Commuters… I would suggest making that roundabout 2 lanes, but with so many cars trying to cross lanes there, it would probably be almost as big a nightmare as it is now.

  • David Glenn

    How about a tunnel under 136th street from the High School parking (north of street) lot to the school side (south Side)? Then the rent-a-cop won’t be stopping traffic. It would keep traffic moving.

    126th street and Keystone is 2 lanes and it works great. A little backup, but school traffic stays to the left, people trying to get on Keystone stays to the left. It works.

  • Dustin Wood

    Sweet. I’ve been saying that stoplights at certain roundabouts would be a great idea. I’ve always been shot down from others.

    2 years ago I switched jobs during the summer, and would take Carey to 136th to get to Keystone. I didn’t realize that it backed up so much during school, and what would normally take me 30 seconds to get to Keystone, then took me 15 minutes because one direction always dominated the roundabout and wouldn’t allow other directions in.

    Roundabouts are good when traffic is evenly distributed, but when you have a constant stream of people coming in a couple different directions, the ones who have the initial right-of-way dominate the entire roundabout.

    Glad something is being done about this. When schools in, it adds 15 minutes and a couple extra miles to my commute.