Column: Tips to prepare for a kitchen remodel

David Decker

David Decker

David Decker is president of the Affordable Companies who specialize in cabinets, counters, customer showers and any type of flooring based in Carmel. Contact at 595-9540, or visit E-mail home improvement questions to

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  • Cary Kitchen Remodeling

    These are great tips for those that are preparing for a kitchen remodel. Though the process is hard to live in, it’s totally worth it in the end! Thanks for sharing!

  • Randy

    These are only a few tips and recommendations for making your small kitchen remodeling project more successful. There are always many rules that interior designers preach when it comes to space and style and best practices but in the end it’s your kitchen. Spend some time thinking things through and getting a feel for what is going to make your kitchen enjoyable for you and your guests. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be a place that you hide or that you are ashamed of. With a little thought and effort you can make your small kitchen feel as luxurious as one in a high end estate. You might actually find that you and your guest fall in love with the space and flock to your tiny kitchen.

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