Three residents talk at Brookshire hearing

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  • Rick Smith

    Didn’t the neighborhood have a ‘chance’ to purchase the pool at a bargain price?

    I love my neighbors but we have heavily used pedestrian streets that have no walkways and these yo-yo’s want me to subsidize their neighborhood swimming pool and money sucking golf course? We have no storm sewers but I’m sure my neighbors have no problems with us paying the new storm drainage fee.

    There are many priorities in Carmel. Getting out from under this one as fast as we can would seem to be the best choice.

    What was the Mayors solution? Get it off the cities books and hang the anvil around the Parks Dept’s neck. We’d still lose a million a year but it wont be his problem.

    Such is the way of our Mayor.

  • Rick Smith

    Tell me where is a person to walk on this street. It gets heavy pedestrian traffic from Mohawk Apartment complex walking, not for pleasure but for milk, bread, etc.

    This is a major cut through and is just across from City Hall. No runoff here it percolates in our neighborhood. Sidewalks, bah humbug we don’t need no stinking sidewalks. Unfortunately these people aren’t Carmelites they are non-permanent resident renters so why worry? They wouldn’t vote for the Mayor anyhow.

    BTW, they have a pool and a golf course at Mohawk – They pay for it! As it should be!