There’s no place like Home Place

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  • TRP

    I am not trying to be critical, but there seems to be some inaccuracies in the article ? Having grown up in Home Place, right off of 106th & Bellefontaine, I have some questions … Where does Jessup hit College ? it runs from just North of 106th to 105th and then 105th to 104th ? Not into College.

    The article discounts why the town was named “Home Place” that was told to us since I was just walking. Sam and Mable Howard lived at 107th and Bellefontaine. Had a son named Donald that all in the neighborhood knew. Mable was born on February 29th, but I don’t remember her birth year. She wrote a poem that names the town.

    I also remember my dad telling me when growing up the current Mr Window building wasn’t the train station, that was on the other side of the tracks on Jessup in a small block building. Many of us remember Bob Bulter’s Grocery Store there growing up until about the time they cut out the hill on 106th where the tracks crossed.