Ticket holders asking questions after The Warehouse in Carmel announces closing

An inside view of seating at The Warehouse. (File photo)

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  • Larry Verrill

    And the slums begin…………………

  • J. Bradley

    Time for Jim Brainard to step in and demand refunds for those that bought tix to future shows! You are in charge of the city, support it’s infrastructure and hold those who abuse it liable!

    • RKW50

      Doesn’t the city own that property? The building next door south was torn down. Wonder if one of the favored commercial builders wanted that building?

  • B Petersen

    I had 6 tickets for Leon Russell and they would not refund money, just a credit. I used the credit for Sam Bush tickets on March 3rd and paid an additional $129.46 because the ticket prices were higher, paid that additional in early January. So I’m owed $469.62. Refund my money!!

  • Scalenguy

    The owner said, “I am currently evaluating my options for the future and looking forward to my next endeavor.” My response to that would be, “Your next endeavor should be to pay back those who you owe money to or go into hiding. You’ll have a posse on your tail if you end up screwing us out of our money.”

  • frog77

    My sister paid $65 a piece for the Sara Watkins concert tomorrow night for me and her. Our seats were in the sixth row. Now it has been moved to a SRO general admission ($20) venue! How can she get her money back?