The Nash, Pedcor’s next building in its Carmel City Center plan, now has tenants moving into the $10 million project

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  • RKW50

    I look at this 3 bedroom unit, and think “where do the dogs go? Where do the kids play?” Mighty small for a family. Perhaps for a young family, or kids normally away at college. But this is a poor excuse (at a premium price) for a home to raise a family in. This is not NYC or Chicago. Carmel has always been a place where the kids could be outside and get in the mud, and run with the dogs. Where do I put my lawn tractor, or bikes, or minibikes for the kids? Apparently a core percentage of our city thinks we need this density. I guess its good they are rentals, as a young couple should never buy something like this for a family IMHO.