“The future of our city is very bright”

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  • Rick Smith

    This is the Mayor to a T. Vague sound bite’s with no specifics on his Goals for the City beyond ‘more of the same’.

    That is not a plan but a non-specific wish list with No Detail. Does more of the same mean more non-compliance with State standards in accounting at the CRC? ” Brainard said he feels strongly that ‘many of his goals for Carmel were achieved over this past year, but he’s never done’. His to-do list for 2014 already is long and detailed, and much of the work on it has already begun.”

    OK how about a list of specific accomplishments from 2013? As long as you are at it share with us the detailed list for 2014?

    Which goals were achieved? Why are the only specifics, beyond roads, about his PERSONAL goals and NOT his goals for the city as Mayor? If they are long and detailed should they not be shared with the Citizens of the City? Mayor you need to lift the veil of secrecy from your Administration.

    You need more than another $100,000 a year quasi-journalist, spin doctor on the City Payroll to make this look palatable. You can spin all you would like but there were more surprises and damage control issues in 2013 than goals achieved.

  • Thankfully

    Carmel needs a new champion of the people. Mayor Brainard should seek his retirement funds. I am sure that so many people in Carmel, INDIANA (not California) would be excited by Jim Brainard’s resignation. He deserves a break after all these years of being the highest paid Mayor in Central Indiana.

    Perhaps someone can steer him to the Social Security Office.

  • Marc Andrews

    As a recent transplant from another city in Indiana I am shocked at the negativity towards the mayor. We moved here because Carmel was considered first class and if it wouldn’t have been we would have moved somewhere else. Richmond, New Castle, Muncie, Anderson and the list goes on of the dying Indiana cities and people have the concern for living in what is considered by people al across the state as the best city in Indiana. A small town with national recognition doesn’t happen by accident. I suggest the individuals that think they aren’t good enough to be in a “world class” city spend some time in the depressed places. Tell us the awesomeness of plants closing and jobs leaving rather than jobs coming. I would like to hear how you love to sit at stop lights. Tell us the spectacle of empty buildings rather than the construction of a new vibrant place. Explain to us how living in crime and poverty is a dream come true rather than being in a safe place where you can walk downtown with your children….I feel many of these people are after their best interest fulfilling their personal need to whine rather than Carmel. I suggest they get out and volunteer and themselves make Carmel a better place.

  • Rick Smith

    Marc Andrews welcome to Carmel! Not sure why you might equate opposition as whining. I am opposed to corruption in government. We have no greater duty than to confront a corrupt leader(s). Read a little http://carmelchatter.com/forum.php, watch some video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmDuds76Ps0fvIHAIc0XI7Q and enjoy the city. It is truly a wonderful place to call home. Welcome again!