Teenage vocal sensation comes to The Palladium

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  • Eric Hamel

    Jackie, you are an amazing person! Just FYI: One can be popular or even famous and have thousands of acquaintances, but you’re lucky to have family who gathers about you, and a handful of “friends” in this life. Cherish them!

  • tacoma

    Jackie was born with great beauty of life – personality, physical look, that *voice*, an understanding and performance in music far beyond her years. Revealed to the world at 10, this is a rare package indeed. The Royal family of Japan found it compelling to invite her to sing a command performance at age 11 – a singular event. She of course loves the fun and excitement, but we the public must also appreciate that Jackie would not be in today’s position without smarts and much hard work on her part. I think her family knows this is more than just do music – they probably appreciate a certain obligation to share Jackie’s gifts to the world so that others can be happy with her as well. Music is about happiness of the mind and soul.

    Interviewers have been asking Jackie about ‘normal life’ almost non-stop. Because there is nothing normal about such a prodigy of prodigies. We the public must respect her right for a healthy, educated and happy upbringing, and limit our calls for ever more concerts, ever higher performance levels. Such demands, or such desires by many musicians, have frequently led to excess and ruins. The world thanks not only exquisite Jackie, but the wisdom of her parents.

    Thus much said, I do look forward to JME’s new CD album, related tours and shows.