Teachers protest

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  • J. O’Connor, 46033

    I was surprised to read the teachers are unhappy once again over lack of a contract. That is shocking, given the fact the Teachers Union has bought and paid for the Carmel School Board in the past few elections.

  • Rick

    Kathie Freed made the following comments about her positions at Carmel Chatter. She stated “Just to clarify, it is a teachers association, not a union. We do not
    have the power that is often associated with the idea of a union. As
    association president, I did negotiate with the representatives
    appointed by the school board and reached an amicable agreement where
    both sides compromised and met in the middle. I have made it clear to
    the current leadership of CCEA that if elected, I will have to work for
    what is in the best interest of the students not the teachers. However,
    the relationship between the teacher association and the school
    administration has been strained for several years and I would be
    willing to at least listen to their concerns. That has not been the case
    with all current or past school board members. Ironically, the
    teachers’ primary concerns are not about money. They are about respect,
    freedom to make instructional choices and concern for their students.” We shall see how it plays out.