Tale of two 146th Streets

John Acceturro

John Acceturro is a Carmel resident and former member of the City of Carmel Common Council. To reach John, write him at accetturo4carmel@gmail.com.

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  • Disgruntled Carmelian

    Completely agree, I go miles out of my way to take hazell dell down to main now instead of driving 146th for almost everything now. it’s a longer route, but the stupid lights on the bridge over US-31 were a horrible idea to begin with, and the implementation could have been better carried out by a high school student.

    • Linda Swihart

      And I go way out of my way when heading East on 146th

  • Mike Dwyer

    So true, but what could be done to fix it now? A giant round-about would do the trick I think, but it would require a new bridge… I think the problem is exasperated by the fact that both Meridian (U.S. 31) and Keystone merge at that point, and that is why they originally used Greyhound Pass as the way to connect to 146th street. I do like the Keystone exit to 146th street when going north, but the rest is a mess. Lets get rid of the orange barrels and fix things Carmelites.

  • Almost Agree

    I agree with much of what you’ve written, however East of Hazel Dell isn’t as fine smelling as you indicate. Allisonville/146th at peak times is a nightmare of gridlock. Same goes for the multiple lights & incredibly short light cycle times at 146th/37. After that it’s fine, but why wouldn’t it be? There’s nothing out there until you hit the HTC area.

    Just something to think about. The whole thing needs an overhaul, not just West.

    • Linda Swihart


  • Larry Kehoe

    Sounds like John is running for County Commissioner again. At least he didn’t compare Ms. Altman to Saddam Hussein this time.

  • Brian Combs

    The 146th Street bridge over US 31 REALLY needs a ramp to southbound Keystone Parkway. It is hard for me to understand why with all these ramps, that was not built.

  • Keith

    Simply timing the lights would help a lot. If you go the speed limit on 146th you get stopped at almost every light! You have to go 10 MPH over the limit to not get stopped.

  • Linda Swihart

    Ok things have changed since 2013. I live at Greystone of Noblesville and see that the traffic going east is backed up from Hazel Dell to SR 37 going east! What the heck! Can’t they do something about this?