Sweating the wrong details

Bob Walters

Bob Walters (www.commonchristianity.blogspot.com, e-mail rlwcom@aol.com) worries not when Christ was actually born, but rejoices that in fact He actually was.

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  • Mike Carmel

    If there really were such a “provable, consistent, faithful line back to the living, breathing days of Jesus” you would not even have to write this article. The fact that religious interpretation has splintered to the point it has proves the inconsistency. Who is doomed to hell, those believe the wrong interpretation? What is the wrong interpretation? Do you follow the Pope, Martin Luther or Joseph Smith (who claimed Jesus came to America after his Crucifixion)? All these people have large, well-funded, Christian followings. Which one is right? Hell must be awfully crowded with people who chose the wrong Christian leader. Heaven must be awfully spacious since it is reserved only for people from 91st Street Christian Church. Wait, maybe it’s only reserved for Northview people. No, no, no! It’s only reserved for Grace Christian! So the story goes…

    • Evan

      Mike, ask for the Holy Spirit to show you the answer to what you should believe. He will tell you, I promise. The more you try to listen, the clearer the answer will be. Heaven will be filled with people who have listened to the Holy Spirit, simple as that.