Suspect arrested in Westfield murders, home invasion

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  • Yup


  • Lewis33

    Warn your friends and relatives…around blacks, never relax.

    • Mandela

      You are a numbskull.

    • weezy

      You’re and absolute idiot. Last time I checked, white people kill as well, so don’t even go there. People have no regard for life today, so don’t make a blanket statement. So easy to be a racist when you don’t have to put your name or picture up.

      • Lewis33

        I’m not going to do the digging for you, but if you google it for yourself you’ll find that over 70% of violent crime is committed by 3% of the population. Young. Black. Males. Just google FBI crime statistics and go to the government website to see for yourself. Facts=racist?

  • scallywag

    One wonders to what degree race bating by community leaders took place in bringing Haley in….?

  • Dan Crabtree

    there still sucking gov paid air sadly…I fear as this problem now seems to be spreading into every area that may have once been deemed a very “safe area”……Always remember the truth is never told by the left wing liberals as we should also remember there was a reason for the kkk and many secret societys formed years ag….contrary to what hollywood will have you beleive..