Stop sign at 126th Street and Auman Drive to be removed

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  • What a STUNT! LIVE VIDEO no less! Carmel Citizens made 4,231,402 UNNECESSARY STOPS so Mayor Brainard could sweep the election!

    The neighborhood asked that the stop sign be taken down on February 16, 2015 or 322 days ago.
    Be glad to provide the video documentation.

    We asked for consideration of another alternative. This was a campaign stunt developed in 2010 (1) full year to the day before the 2011 Primary Election. See the Mayors Memo below.

    He had 2 candidates running against him in 2011 and knew it would be wasted and unnecessary to play that card then.

    4 years later it SUDDENLY becomes Urgent?

    In 4 years there were 19,199,000 UNNECESSARY STOPS, NIGHTLY Traffic Jams and Accidents! All because the Mayor wanted a campaign issue for 2015.


    • jaegar

      With all respect, Rick, I think a good chunk of the local neighborhood liked having that stop sign there despite the inconvenience at ‘rush’ hour. It slowed down traffic enough so they could get out of their neighborhood. People going 5 mph while waiting to go through a stop sign are much nicer than 30+ mph.

      It was the people that didn’t live in that area that hated that stop sign.

      • Jaeger we were pretty much in agreement there was a better plan for pulling the stop sign but yes you are correct some wanted it to stay.

        The proposal we made was intended to stop the 60 cars/hour that cut through our neighborhood to miss the lights and previously to ditch line at the stop sign. This high level of traffic was recorded by the City Engineering counts.

        Our concern is safety only, we did not want to impede traffic flow and indeed what we presented to the City Council would have accomplished exactly that. We suggested a light that would flash yellow at all hours except peak AM/PM times.

        To eliminate cut throughs we asked that a “No Turn On Red” sign be placed on Auman at the light with a 2 minute delay. This would eliminate the benefit of cutting through.

        We were told that $150,000 was too expensive. When it was revealed that a light was in storage and could be placed for $50,000 or less we were told no “no matter the cost”. This quote is actually in Councilor Finkam’s original City Council presentation – “No matter the cost”.

        This solution would have provided safety and 99.9% free flow of traffic at that intersection.

        It was pointed out that the cost of a life was easily worth $50,000 and that an accident can not be defended in court for less than $50,000.

        Councilor Finkam made a point of just how recklessly people drove in her presentation. Crashing their cars into the car in front of them due to inattention, breaking traffic laws by gridlocking intersections and generally being in a hurry.

        The city was not enforcing the law there previously. Why would we expect compliance with these laws after the sign is removed.

        Motorists are impatient and were not following the Law at the Stop Sign for the last 5 years with complete impunity. Why would they show any more care for our kids and other walkers now that the Stop Sign is removed?

  • Mayor Jim Brainard May 4, 2010 – “I could easily see a candidate walking car to car handing out fliers saying how stupid the sign is”

    Indeed 4 years later a Candidate, Jeff Worrell, did almost exactly that. Jeff, who received $29,104 in campaign contributions from ‘The Friends of Jim Brainard’, used a sign instead!

    (See photo)

    • jaegar

      If that stop sign wasn’t between Mayor Jim’s house and where he works, would this have been such a big deal?

      Now that 126th street becomes the fastest way to get from Rangeline to Keystone, it’ll be interesting to see how the traffic volume increases and speeds up. Too bad that ‘artery’ is through a residential neighborhood.

  • “I’m not going to second guess my accountant when he tells me how to report my income taxes,” Brainard said, using the analogy to show why he believes the city engineer should be trusted.

    I sure hope Mayor Brainard’s accountant is honest. I’d hate to see him have legal difficulties due to misrepresentations.

    Of course as in all cases with the Mayor there is always ‘Plausible Deniability’ he always has others to point the finger at. Last night is was the Clerk Treasurer and the past Council members he so recently honored for their service and then promptly threw back under the bus last night.