Redevelopment in southern part of Carmel centers around former Sunrise Golf Course

  • C

    Sorry to hear this. Will miss riding my bike past the old golf course and past the untouched lake by the Monon.

  • Larry Verrill

    Using the M/I Homes development area for a park makes much more sence then letting M/I strip the acreage, scare off the wildlife and build ugly, two story “match boxes” for who knows who to live in or for how long. All M/I is interested in is $$$$$. Not the residents, not the city, not the pollution of the lake with sewage, not the sensitive drainage in the area, etc., etc. Why does the Parks Dept. have to have the land “offered” to them for sale. Why can’t they go to the owner and make an offer to buy. For that matter, they can always use emminent domain. The City has before. Like I have said before, when it’s all overwith, the developers will have cut down every tree in and around Carmel……