Some say it’s hard to enforce Airbnb laws

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  • Friend of Freya

    People stayed in private homes long, long before hotels existed. Staying in private homes was the original travel culture. We need to bring that back, not legislate against it. When cities legislate against hosts doing short term rentals, they are essentially showing preference for large corporations over small family businesses. Is this what we want in our nation? I would argue that most ordinary people want exactly the opposite — they want to support low and middle income Americans, not support rich, large multinational corporations and suppress middle America.

    Cities should also not create laws out of fear of what MIGHT happen — such as fears expressed by residents who probably don’t know many Airbnb hosts. I cant’ understand all this fear about guests arriving or departing from a house next door. Most guests are rather quiet — particularly if they are staying in the host’s own home — the host is there, they dont’ want to be disturbed either. Cases of excessive noise, which I have found to be very rare (there was only one such case I heard of in my city with over 800 AIrbnb hosts ) can be dealt with using noise restrictions that already exist. Or the city can focus on any problem properties on a case by case basis. And let’s not pretend that standard long term tenants dont’ cause disturbances. Or that property owners themselves dont’ have parties or do things that cause problems for their neighbors.

    Government should not create restrictions without demonstrating a real problem that exists that justifies such restrictions. There is no such real problem here. Rather there is a good deal of opportunity for ordinary working class and middle class Americans to have a small business. Let’s support that.