Some question if opponents of new council will be heard

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  • What Councilor Finkam describes is NOT Transparency – In a free society,TRANSPARENCY IS THE GOVERNMENT’S OBLIGATION to SHARE information with citizens. It is at the heart of how citizens hold their public officials accountable.

    “Councilor Sue Finkam said she encourages anyone with an opinion to call or e-mail any of the councilors, including herself. She said transparency is important and even those who disagree will be heard. She said the public will find that the council won’t agree on some matters and the council won’t immediately pass everything the mayor supports.”

  • There are 30,738 housing units in Carmel. At $10 of property tax/home the total Tax Revenue collected to cover the debt would be $307,380.00. Does ANYONE BELIEVE THAT?

    Was this TRANSPARENCY?

    Mayor asserts total cost of Tax due to DEBT is $10/household?

  • concerned carmelite

    Sue talks about transparency hers and others actions show otherwise. The paperless packet which is the details for last Monday’s Council meeting was posted on the City website late Thursday afternoon New Year’s Eve for the meeting 4 days later. Essentially this was a Washington DC data dump when no on is looking. At the meeting most ordinances were first reading yet they suspended the rules and passed them that night with just about all unanimously. Included in the rules suspended and passed ordinances was Sue’s ordinance changing the deadline for agenda items from 6 days to 10 days out. Pretty ironic her “transparency” ordinance was passed without transparency. During the meeting the bond ordinances were sent to Finance Committee which Sue chairs now. She was asked when it would meet and she “didn’t know but maybe Thursday”. She did have the meeting Thursday but no notice on the City website before or even now. Citizens that spoke were promptly told they were wrong with Ron Carter even attacking one Citizen during a public hearing. The old Council was mentioned by Ron Carter and others several times in derogatory terms. They are good at pointing fingers. Now it’s all them and in the future the only place for fingers to be pointed will be at them.