Some not too sweet on new CarmelFest candy policy

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  • Mark Paul

    yes, big government must sanitize everything for us – glad to know we have a ‘safe space’ in Carmel now, but if the Carmel police could just enforce the stop sign at Andover and Brookshire Parkway in front of my house, then dogs and kids wouldn’t be killed by speeding cars and maybe just flying candy

  • Given the City of Carmel is the single largest financial contributor, allows the closing and use of the streets, provides paramedic services and an enormous police crowd and traffic control effort I believe it disingenuous to just gicw the City a pass in this decision. It could not have been made without blessing of the city leaders and certainly could be reversed at the direction of the Mayor!

  • Mark Paul

    If King James is worried about liability from kids running into the street to get candy and getting hit by cars, then maybe he should have rethought plans for the giant Cinnabon sculpture at the Keystone and Main roundabout which blocks the view for everyone and is sure to result in more accidents at that location and probably a kid on a bike getting hit by a car – let’s get our priorities straight and first off stop spending money like it grows on trees – and by the way, that roundabout never get cleared of snow in the winter – maybe some of that sculpture money could go to clearing the city sidewalks – priorities Jim, priorities…