Some Carmel residents want city to consider modifying school zone hours

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  • IndianaDevil

    So the extra 40 seconds is a major inconvenience? *smh*

    • Eric M

      It’s obvious that’s the point that they are going for, but think it through. That extra 40 seconds affects, let’s say, 50,000 people every day throughout the city. Roundtrip, now 80 seconds = 1.33 minutes*50,000 = 66,500 minutes = 1,108 hours/day of less time. Over a year (let’s call it 300 days b/c wknds and holidays), that’s 332,400 hours, which is 13,850 days, which is 38 years! There may be safety benefits that outweigh that spent time, but don’t make it out like it’s some trivial amount.

      • IndianaDevil

        It’s still only 40 seconds extra FOR YOU. No big deal. Slow down and relax.