Some Carmel residents opposed to Carmel’s proposed anti-discrimination law

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  • Larry Verrill


    Back in 1968 when President Kennedy and brother, Bobby was his right hand man, they were working on a civil rights bill. Then President Kennedy was assassinated and L.B.J. became president. L.B.J. finished the bill and Congress passed it into law. At the time, I thought it was a bad law and I have not changed my mind since. Did that law apply to all Americans, or only to blacks and atheists ??? It certainly has not worked for the blacks and it has taken GOD out of our country forever.

    I realize that gays, lesbians and those other freaks of nature, were still in the closet and the Supreme Court had not declared it constitutional for them to marry. Just what did this Civil Rights law cover???

    If it covered all Americans, why do we have to keep coming up with and piling on new ordinances, laws and amendments to what already exists??? Are we all going to have to buy insurance to protect ourselves from persecution and discrimination.

    No matter how many laws are passed, there will always be bulling, persecution, discrimination, predigest and a multitude of other human ridicules. Everyone is predigest (and I mean EVERYONE) to some extent and for some reason.