Some Carmel homeowners see property taxes increase

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  • Rick Smith

    Jim Brainard for Carmel Mayor Post to Facebook

    April 28, 2015 ·
    Clearly, my opponent in this election wants to scare you by twisting the numbers and making it appear that you – the taxpayer – is about to experience a tax increase. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.
    There is no need for a tax increase. Our business tax revenue in our TIF Districts generates more than enough money to retire the debt that has been accrued. Our projections show this and my opponent knows this … he and his extremist followers are choosing to ignore the facts in order to paint a scary picture.
    This is politics. Nothing more.

  • Larry Kehoe

    Why does the author of this article ignore the effect of the 20℅ assessed value that was also made? So the city got a lot more than just 19℅ more from many.

    • 123SNL456


      Don’t forget the cozy relationship between the Current, it’s owners and Jim Brainard.

      Also – the author is part owner in a business which is located in the A&DD which is frequently subsidized by the City of Carmel, the CRC Carmel Redevelopment Commission as well as the $4CDC Carmel City Center Community Development Corporation – all which like to hand out Carmel taxpayer dollars to the selected “winners” to supplement the successful “vision” .

      Frequently the CIC “articles” are nothing more than the press releases developed by Heck and McFly….er…. McFeely, after all – Adam has a restaurant to run and he doesn’t have to worry about allegations of plagiarism by the Community Relations & Economic Development.

      Nothing to see here – Just sit back, have some coffee and GoodDay Carmel

      • Adam Aasen

        It’s easy to attack people when you hide behind anonymous names. The truth is that assessed value is way too broad of a topic and would have distracted from the focus that taxes went up. Some people want their assessed value to go up and some don’t. That debate would distract from the main focus which is that taxes went up. And for your information, we get accused of being anti-Brainard just as much as we get accused of being pro-Brainard.

        • 123SNL456


          Sorry that you find my comments an attack, unfortunately I cannot and do not control how and what you feel. It is easy, and all to common to dismiss someone and their concerns due to the legitimate choice of remaining anonymous (especially in Carmel).

          Yet the fact remains that the owners, management and staff of Current In Carmel do have historical personal, private and financial relationships with the Brainard Administration which goes undisclosed.

          This is not the first time that you have made the decision to focus on only one aspect of an issue, so as not to distract from the Brainard Administration’s official position.

          Perhaps the reality is that the issue(s) is/are complex and require more time, column space and effort than what a part-time journalist / part-time restaurateur is able to devote.

          • Rick Smith

            I have to agree with Adam’s remarks. The mayor is so critically hypersensitive that I am sure Adams reporting gets under his thin skin.

            That said assessed value is what it is. As most of you are aware home prices are up. Can AV be manipulated for tax impact. I suppose but it would take a huge amount of collusion.

            I think Adam went after the most important issue and handled it directly. The Mayor said “No new taxes” while he KNEW an increase was going to occur as, he claims in a later story*, did anyone who examined the budget. The Mayor just did’t say anything to anyone because the fact we would have a tax increase was, in his mind, obvious. This in spite of the fact that he repeatedly denied an increase was coming.


  • Steve G

    Sure Jim. A 19% increase is nothing. Terrible.

  • Bill Myrvold

    Sure, the tax is capped but my lot was increased by 9.9% in valuation. Dirt is getting more expensive every year! The property evaluation has gone up every year since the cap was put on. This is the way your taxes will continue to go up. Will they lower your taxes if the housing market goes lower? I doubt it.