So which Carmel roads will get repaved?

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  • John Accetturo

    If the Mayor knows & works so much why are the streets in such bad condition? Low on his priority that’s why. This 1 inch or so of resurfacing in subdivisions is also a waste of money. Where have our World Class City’s streets gone?

  • You have to be kidding. This was posted in CIC in 2013. Here is the ‘real deal’.

    Sorry I could not locate it in Current In Carmel to provide the link. If you could do so Adam that would be appreciated.

    Clearly we need to exercise some fiscal restraint in some of the things that may be fun but are not productive.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the nice touches. I just dont drive/ride on them.

    That pothole is a danger to cyclists!

  • Adam Aasen

    Rick Smith, I do not take sides but I’m happy to answer any questions if you give me a few more details. I’m always available – Adam

    • Adam that is commendable in your position.

      I just read with interest the story about Mr. Carters end run around the Council from 5-21-2013 meeting.

      Why was the editorial posted on a Sunday on Memorial day weekend instead of Thursday the 22nd? Seems like a “private burial” of the story.

      All I was looking for below was a link to your article on the story I was quoting and posted the photo from.

      • Adam Aasen

        It will run in the print edition this week so there’s nothing that is hidden. While again I can take no position, I must note that both sides — even those who have been critical of the CRC — have praised new CRC director Corrie Meyer for her openess with regard to information. That is just what others have told me.

        • I would concur with the praise for Meyer. She has done more in one quarter than had been done in years to clarify the situation at the CRC.