Snapshot: Zagster bike-share station opens at Market District

  • CIC-DOUGH-0528-Zagster at Market District1
    The ribbon from Market District’s ribbon cutting ceremony sits near fliers for its bike-share station. Market District in Carmel hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for its Zagster bike-share station on May 20. (Photo by Jason Concerly)
  • CIC-DOUGH-0528-Zagster at Market District2
    Carmel City Council President Ron Carter, left, and Jim Griffith, executive store leader at Market District, wait for a chance to converse with those who attended Market District’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • CIC-DOUGH-0528-Zagster at Market District3
    Christina Kane shows how to unlock a bike from Market District’s Zagster bike-share station. Kane is a senior administrative assistant for Market District.

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