Snapshot: Rock-a-thon helps students in need

  • CIC-COM-0802-Rock a Thon 1
    The “Rock a Thon” shoe meter displays the current amount of money raised.
  • CIC-COM-0802-Rock a Thon 2
    Doris Stewart converses with a fellow rocker, Helen Boehme.
  • CIC-COM-0802-Rock a Thon 3
    Doris Stewart, left, tells Helen Boehme a story.
  • CIC-COM-0802-Rock a Thon 4
    Doris Stewart, left, and Helen Boehme rock for the Rock-a-Thon.
  • CIC-COM-0802-Rock a Thon 5
    A small donation box sits on a rocker. The money raised from the Rock-a-Thon went to students who needed school shoes in Washington Township in Indianapolis.

Residents at Sunrise Retirement Community in Carmel held a Rock-a-Thon fundraiser in July to raise money for school shoes for children in need. Participants age 69 to 95 signed up for half hour shifts in rocking chairs for the cause.

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